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We are the Golf Division of TDHI INTERNATIONAL.

We are part of the DH GROUP and the TRUST DH GROUP, groups that have known about the golf industry for over 30 years. A reference family, groups, has been involved in golf since 1850.

We are the only consulting firm in the world that has a Division dedicated to the Golf sector.

We manage the Golf Clubs on behalf of the property.
Design, construction, production of furniture and outfitting of Club Houses.

We manage the media (paper magazines, web marketing, web magazines) on behalf of the Golf Clubs.
We design and develop fundraising ideas to maintain and establish golf club projects.

We are looking for sponsors to sponsor club youth activities.

We design and manage events intended to finance clubs and their activities.

We design, produce and sell merchandise with the Golf Club brand.

We design, implement and manage projects to increase the number of members in the clubs we serve.

We design, apply and manage projects useful for the maintenance and consolidation of active members.
And much more.

International golf project 
International secretariat 
Italian market secretariat 

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